Dress Code Levels

Level 3 – Elite

Examples: Venetian Carnival, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Intense Steampunk, All-Out Cosplay or Eyes Wide Shut, Kitra or Fred Samedi

Level 2 – Impressive

Examples: Aristocratic, Uniforms, Steampunk, Historical, Gothic Lolita, Latex, Black Tie,Leather, Neo-Victorian, Furries, Masquerade, Drag, Dandy, Undead Prom, Priests/Priestesses.

Level 1 – Minimal

Examples: Basic all Black-on-Black, Fangs, and Masques.

Level 0 – Forget It

Examples: NO (We are Serious) T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, Wife Beaters, Racist Symbols, Sportswear, Street Wear, Sneakers, Etc.

Of Course, Proper Zombies are Exempt from the Dress Code.



The Endless Night Vampire Ball events are formal masquerade balls and 99% of the event’s quality, character and spirit are within the costume-centered dress code.

Our Dress code is apart of Endless Night Philosophy and Spirit!

One media person asked, “How many performers do you have?” Our impressario replied, “How many tickets did we sell?!”


Some patrons make their costumes, others have them made, and yet others mix and match; creativity is the key.

What is most important is the dress code is about respect, contribution to the environment, and a mental preparation for the ball to build collective excitement.  To arrive outside the parameters of the dress code, without even making an effort, is disrespectful and rude to those who did.  We are an inclusive experience, within which everyone should be the star. Endless Night is not a “spectator’s sport”; to enter you must participate, and to participate begins with costumes!

Check out the Endless Night Galleries for examples and inspiration of what to wear.

Unless you’ve brought a change of clothes which you intend to wear, entry to Endless Night WILL BE REFUSED WITHOUT REFUND.

Fangs and masks are highly encouraged but NOT required.


Are examples of style and genre, which each individual participant comes with to the Ball.  Some examples include…

Cirque, Venetian Carnival, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Vampyre, Metal, Eyes Wide Shut, Latex / Leather (fetishistic), Corsets, Lost Boys / Girls, Religious, Black Tie, Military, Lolita, Modern Primitives, Boudoir, 18th Century, Asian, Medieval / Pagan / Rennie, Drag, Glamrock, Ancient Egyptian / Aztech / Sumarian, Fairy Tale, Cyberpunk, Formal Western, etc.


Where to Shop

Where to Shop


One of the best gothic shops in the world… right next to the Halloween Adventure at 104 4th Avenue NYC.   10% discount when you present your Endless Night tickets.


Official Sanguinarium Mask Maker….



Great pieces for the discerning gentleman….


Etsy has many great unique hand made costumes, items, jewelry and goodies…


New Orleans

New Orleans Masks: http://www.neworleansmasks.com

Azraelle’s Accomplice (TX): http://azacclothingcouture.com
Steampunk Emporium: http://www.steampunkemporium.com
Gothic Renaissance (NYC): http://www.trashydiva.com
DeMask: http://www.demask.com
Vampyre Couture (Croatia): http://www.Noir-Shapes.net
Chivalry Sports: http://www.renstore.com
Boutique du Vampyre (New Orleans): http://www.feelthebite.com
Bibian Blue (Barcelona): http://www.bibianblue.com
House of Harlot (UK): http://www.house-of-harlot.com
Dark Garden Corsetry (San Fran): http://www.darkgarden.net
Lady Lucie (UK): http://www.ladylucie.com

  • witchymoon13

    Okay so what about dress code for the Inner Sanctum Soiree???? I’m a first timer so I need to know.

    • Phoenix Komera

      Black tie event attire

      • Scott Gibson

        Is a formal dress shirt and jacket appropriate if the shirt is unsuitable for a tie?

  • Nyx Phoenix

    Are combat boots , black military cargo pants, Black swat vest, black hood, and a mesh face mask that covers the nose and mouth, kind of like an industrial goth assassin look okay for dress attire for a male or is that considered street wear?

    • Sage Tassin


    • Gothicross

      Cyberpunk/Cybergoth… go ahead and feel free! Read under MOTIFS at the Dress Code Page

  • melyssa hensly

    how old do u have to be to get fangs like beast fangs

  • ancient ones

    Would traditional Chinese or Japanese dress be acceptable?

    • Gothicross

      Yes it would be acceptable, try and add your personal touch to it to create a unique outfit… It IS Victoriental, a mix of Victorian and Eastern aesthetics.

  • Lilith Leylani

    would a mermaid costume be acceptable?

  • dayofthedead

    would a day of the dead hand painted mask with a black robe be acceptable?