Endless Nights fashion and costume experience and we have a strict professional photo policy which is heavily enforced.


If you are just using your smartphone or a small camera feel free to take all the pics and video that you like at most events. Just please give us the courtesy and if you are posting on Facebook please support the event please tag all pics with our Facebook page at


All photos taken by professional photographers require a press pass and pre-approval. Usually we designate 3 professional photographers per event, not including press. These official photographers will be presented on the official Endless Night Facebook page at

All official photos must include the Endless Night logo / watermark and photographers credits. In some cases the club’s watermark. If you are issued a press pass, please send all photos to Endless Night Productions

BEFORE posting them on Facebook. Approved photos MUST be posted on the official Endless Night Facebook page FIRST.

All copyrights for photos are shared between Endless Night Productions and the photographer. Endless Night may freely use all photos for promotional purposes and presentation in all forms of media. Photographers may not resell or print photos without permission or use them to promote other events.

If you wish to be an official Endless Night photographer at one of our events please email with the event and which specific event that you are interested in.